Data And Access Security of Anadolu Efes will be Supported with Kron Products

Data And Access Security of Anadolu Efes will be Supported with Kron Products

Oct 11, 2022 / Kron

Providing cybersecurity software products to Turkey's and the world's leading companies, Kron will ensure Anadolu Efes' data and access security with its Privileged Access Management (PAM) product called Single Connect within the scope of the agreement with the Company. Supporting the cybersecurity of the digital assets of Anadolu Efes, the 5th largest beer company in Europe and the 9th largest beer company in the world in terms of production volume, Kron strengthens the cybersecurity systems of companies in many sectors from finance to telecommunication, automotive to logistics sector in different parts of the world with the advanced technology cybersecurity products it has developed.

One of the best PAM solutions in the world, Kron's software product Single Connect will serve to ensure more secure communication between Anadolu Efes and the end user as a solution for Anadolu Efes' cybersecurity infrastructure and needs.

Speaking on the subject, Kron Business Development Director Ümit Çelik says, "The fact that Single Connect, our Privileged Access Management (PAM) product, which is actively used by the leading companies of the sector at home and abroad, will also ensure data and access security of Anadolu Efes, one of Turkey's leading companies in the beverage industry, shows the trust and satisfaction of our customers in the field of cybersecurity and PAM. We are pleased to improve the cybersecurity capacity of large-scale institutions with our PAM product, which includes advanced security solutions such as data masking, data access management, session management, and password vault."

The global demand for advanced technology cybersecurity solutions

Developing software products to increase the cybersecurity levels of leading companies of the sector at home and abroad and also provide operational benefits to companies, Kron delivers its cybersecurity products to customers in five continents with its office in New Jersey, USA as well as its R&D centers in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Being the choice of large-scale institutions with its software solutions that provide comprehensive data and access security, the company is popular in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South and North America with its cybersecurity and technology products.

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