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Kron Named Export Champion

Feb 26, 2024 / Kron

During the "Industry Summit" held between February 22-25, 2024, organized by the Turkey Cyber Security Cluster, which operates under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Presidency of Digital Transformation, valuable awards were presented, and Kron was honored with the prestigious "Export Champion of the Year" award.

The award on behalf of Kron was received by the Chairman of the Board, Lütfi Yenel, from the President of Defense Industries, Haluk Görgün.

Haluk Görgün, in his speech at the award ceremony, expressed their pleasure in presenting this significant award to Kron, highlighting the company's international successes and emphasizing Turkey's potential in the software sector.

Lütfi Yenel highlighted Kron's export-oriented strategy and high-quality products, stating: "This award is a testament to the determination and hard work of the Kron family, reflecting our vision of sustainable growth and increasing competitiveness in the international arena. We will continue to work to make Turkey's name known worldwide in the fields of cybersecurity and digital transformation."

It is expected that the Turkey Cyber Security Cluster will continue to boost the sector with its activities and initiatives aimed at enhancing Turkey's successes in the software sector and increasing its competitiveness on the global stage.

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