OT Security with Kron PAM

Elevate your OT security posture with Kron PAM. Trust in Kron PAM to navigate the evolving landscape of OT security with confidence and resilience.

Operational technology (OT) systems are essential for managing and controlling physical processes, devices, and infrastructure in various industries, such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and healthcare. However, OT systems are also vulnerable to cyberattacks that can compromise their availability, integrity, and safety. OT security is the process of protecting OT systems from unauthorized access, manipulation, and disruption. Kron PAM is a comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) software suite that can help you achieve OT security by preventing internal and external attacks aiming to compromise privileged accounts.

Zero-Trust Principles for OT

Embrace the future of OT security with Kron PAM. Kron PAM adheres to the gold standard of OT security – zero trust. Trust is earned, not assumed. Kron PAM’s granular approach enhances security by limiting access to only the necessary resources, reducing the attack surface and fortifying your OT environment against unauthorized access.

Zero-Trust Principles for OT
Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Unlock the potential to effortlessly connect with your OT systems from any corner of the globe, at any time, and on any device. Dive into the future with Kron PAM's Session Management module, where every privileged session on your OT systems is indisputably monitored and recorded. Elevate security by integrating our cutting-edge Multi-Factor Authentication and Password Vault features.

Regulation and Audit Compliance

Kron PAM helps you comply with various regulations and standards that apply to OT security, such as ISO 27001, and GDPR. Elevate your security game with the Reporting module, empowering you to effortlessly generate detailed, customizable reports on all OT security activities and events.

Regulation and Audit Compliance

Fortifying the Future: Kron PAM
Empowering Operational Technology Security in the
Face of Cyber Threats

Operational technology (OT) is the use of hardware and software to monitor and control physical processes, devices, and infrastructure in various industries, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, electrical generation and distribution, aviation, maritime, rail, and utilities. OT systems are often connected to industrial control systems (ICS), such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and distributed control systems (DCS), which enable remote management and automation of industrial processes.

As per the 2023 State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report by Fortinet, the impact of cyberattacks on both IT and OT systems rose significantly, with 32% of respondents reporting such incidents, compared to just 21% in 2022. In response to these intrusions, OT professionals bolstered cybersecurity measures within their industrial networks, incorporating solutions like network access control, security operations centers, secure remote access, and internal network segmentation.

In safeguarding OT systems against various cyber threats, organizations must deploy a thorough and resilient OT security solution tailored to the distinctive challenges and demands of OT environments. An exemplary solution is Kron PAM, a suite of privileged access management (PAM) software specifically crafted to thwart both internal and external attacks targeting privileged accounts and aiming to compromise system integrity.

By using Kron PAM, organizations can enhance their OT security posture and protect their OT systems from cyber threats. Kron PAM can help organizations achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduce the risk of credential theft and insider threat by securing and controlling privileged access to OT systems.
  • Improve the availability and reliability of OT systems by preventing and mitigating malware infection and other attacks.
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of OT operations by streamlining and automating password and session management processes.
  • Ensure the compliance and auditability of OT systems by adhering to relevant regulations and standards.

In conclusion, safeguarding Operational Technology (OT) security is crucial for protecting critical infrastructure across diverse industries. OT systems are susceptible to various cyber threats, including malware, credential theft, and insider threats, posing risks to safety, availability, reliability, efficiency, productivity, and compliance. To counter these challenges, organizations require a robust OT security solution like Kron PAM. This Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution offers comprehensive control over privileged access to OT systems, aids in preventing and mitigating attacks, streamlines processes through automation, and ensures auditability and compliance. Kron PAM emerges as a pivotal tool to enhance OT security, enabling organizations to attain their business goals and objectives.


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