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Privileged Access Management

Provides tools and capabilities that isolates, secures and manages privileged access in an organization to stop data breaches and eliminate misconfigurations. Protects against credential theft, prevents unsupervised access and misuse of privileges.

Unique Features

Fastest to deploy PAM solution in the market with its wide range of built-in capabilities and agentless architecture that does not require any update on target servers or user computers. Single Connect™ detects, prevents and records malicious activities in real-time before they happen.

Regulatory Compliance

Provides tools, capabilities, indisputable log records and audit trails to help organizations comply with regulations including ISO 27001, ISO 31000: 2009, KVKK, PCI DSS, EPDK, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR in highly regulated industries like finance, energy, health and telecommunications.

Single Connect™ Fastest to Deploy PAM on the market

Watch the video to find out why Privileged Access Management matters and how to protect your business critical infrastucture and sensitive data.

Not a basic PAM, a Transversal Platform

Privileged Session Management

Track, Monitor and video record all privileged sessions

Password Management

Ensure privileged passwords are used only for legitimate business purposes

Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides a secondary authentication layer along with login credentials before accessing to target systems and privileged credentials

Database Access Management and Logging

Isolates DB admin and privileged user sessions, tracks and controls all user activities and changes made to databases in production environments

Data Masking

Role-based on the fly data masking to prevent exposure of sensitive data in production databases

TACACS + / RADIUS Access Management

Extends Active Directory policies to network infrastucture and controls direct access to network elements

Privileged Task Automation

Automates tasks that require privileged credentials and eliminates exposure of system credentials

Core Capabilities

Privileged Account Discovery and Onboarding

Scans all platforms and environments to identify and onboard privileged accounts and related credentials

Digital Secure Vault

Securely stores credentials, certificates, licenses and confidential data

Eliminate stale passwords

Auto changes all privileged credentials at regular intervals on different platforms and eliminates stale passwords

Privileged Access without Credential Exposure

Provides supervised access to systems without exposing system credentials and removes personal administrative rights

Least Privilege Management

Centrally manage who can access to which critical systems and limit what they can do without any update on critical systems or user computers

Required Levels of Trust

Ensures privileges are used only for legitimate business purposes by establishing required levels of trust to access a system or super-user account

Enable Accountability

Enables personal accountability while using non-personal shared accounts like root, administrator

Safe 3rd Party Access

Ensures proper nonemployee access into the organization’s resources on a controlled and temporary basis.

Why Single Connect?

Agents, Really?

Start protecting your business critical infrastucture without any update on your servers, systems or user computers.

Just Password Management is not enough to protect your sensitive data

Role based access controls who can view/change which data records in databases and masks them on-the-fly

Frictionless Access, End user’s choice!

“One-click Access from desktop app”, “Zero-install access from web portal” or “continue to use your favorite app on your computer”

Still considering MFA as an integration?

Pre-integrated and ready to activate without any new installation or integration

Future Proof, Start simple and activate later!

Pre-integrated smart architecture. Activate new capabilities without any new new installation or integration

Have a Complex topology? No Problem It is Modular

Flexible from “all modules in one box” to “each module in a separate boxes”

Secure Automated Tasks

Provides unified visibility and governance of scripts those make configuration changes on servers, network elements or databases

Need a PAM in the Cloud?

All capabilities are available to deploy in Cloud Platforms including AWS, Azure and GCP

Migrating to Cloud? Or Running a hybrid Infrastructure?

Zero-Touch automated discovery and onboarding of spinned up instances

Private PAM as a service, let’s partner!

Enables Data Center Service Providers to offer PAM services to their clients and generates new revenue streams

Yes we do support Multi-Tenancy

Single instance that servers to multiple internal customers/departments in your organization

Before you ask, No hidden costs

No additional license fee for database, operating systems or other

Case Study

This IDC Success Story examines how Turkcell effectively uses Krontech’s privileged access management platform Single Connect™ to support its stringent business needs.

Turkcell and Single Connect™

Turkcell IDC Success Story

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