Privileged Access Management for Telecom and CSPs

Privileged Access Management for Telecom and CSPs

Telecom networks are one of the building blocks of today’s digital world, and any disruption in this service is likely to have a disastrous impact in many areas from daily life to the national economy and national security, as well as the Telecom Operator itself.

For this reason, Telecom companies represent a clear target for national-state sponsored attackers and other malicious actors, both because of their critical underlying infrastructures and the large volumes of personal data they hold.

Different than other industries, Telecom companies are faced with unique cybersecurity concerns due to their diverse business ecosystem and their interconnected complex infrastructures.

Many Telecommunications companies have spent decades evolving into a continuously changing communications environment, adapting to mergers and organizational changes. Therefore, IT teams have to cope with distinct challenges in the pursuit of high-level security against diverse vulnerabilities due to the often complex infrastructure that results from a mix of interconnected legacy and new generation systems.

Covering Telecom’s Privileged Access Complexity is beyond the depth of afterthought PAM vendors’ capabilities.

Considering the Telco operators, PAM is a multi-divisional problem, which touches every single unit in an organization including NOC, IT, Security, Development, Support and even business divisions. Besides, multi-divisional integrations, communications, expectations, and approvals are processes that take a long time and mostly main reasons for a project delay. Single Connect’s agentless, modular and pre-integrated architecture minimizes the project implementation time by unifying the access management in a single pane of glass from day one and gives flexibility to the gradual implementation of multi-divisional integrations.

Apart from that, since most of the agent-based PAM solutions are likely to change the daily habits and workloads of end-users in device access, many organizations are in an uphill battle with reluctant technology employees who resist using new tools for their usual daily tasks. However, Single Connect was born in Telco and shaped based on the Telco concerns and is, therefore, the most telco-friendly PAM solution on the market. Thanks to Single Connect’s seamless proxy architecture and native client support, end-users do not need to change their habits and continue to use their favourite local clients.

How do you support the need today when it comes to managing privileged access controls?

Such as;

  • Privileged Account Discovery and Onboarding
  • Enabling Privileged Access without Credential Exposure
  • Least Privilege Management
  • Preventing Stale Passwords for Privileged Credentials
  • Ensuring Required Levels of Trust and Accountability
  • Enabling Safe Third Party and Remote Access
  • Audit Reports and Regulatory Compliance
  • Protecting Cloud IaaS Assets
  • Protecting Business Applications
  • Managing Privileged Access for
    Telecommunication Systems
  • Privileged Data and Big Data Security
  • Secure Access to the Organization’s
    Social Media Accounts
  • Controlling Direct Access to Network Elements
  • Removing Application-to-Application Hardcoded Passwords
  • Manage Credentials for Service Accounts
  • Enabling MFA Seamlessly in End Point Access
  • Automating Tasks that Require Privileged Credentials
  • Staff Augmentation that Requires Privileged Credentials
  • Secure Store of Sensitive Data and Documents
  • Centralized Management of Distributed Deployments
  • Anomaly Detection and Privileged Access Analytics
  • Context-Aware Policy Control on Network Devices
  • Centralized Visibility and Enabling Accountability

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