IPDR Logging

Purpose-built Logging Platform for Telecom Operators

As log data continues to increase exponentially, the need for efficient mechanisms that address data retention, cost management, and compliance with regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly crucial. The Kron IPDR Logging Solution excels in meeting your regulatory requirements through its high-capacity data ingestion, processing, and efficient storage capabilities.

Extensive reference with different vendors and topologies

The solution has strong references across various CGNAT topologies, multi-vendor network devices, and DPI solutions. It is designed for collecting, processing, correlating, and enriching logs with contextual information.

Extensive reference with different vendors and topologies
Petabyte-scale data storing

Petabyte-scale data storing

Kron IPDR logging is capable of storing data on a petabyte scale, supported by both vertical and horizontal scaling. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to use cost-effective storage alternatives for less critical data, which helps in reducing storage costs.

Data Ingestion

With its capability to process data at over 2M events/second per instance, the Kron IPDR solutions stand out as the most powerful and scalable data logging platform available.

High-Throughput Data Ingestion

Addressing the Logging Demands of Tomorrow: Kron IPDR Solution

In today's hyper-connected world, broadband penetration and the footprint of network usage are on the rise.
The metadata associated with broadband usage serves as a valuable source of information, providing insights into network behavior and user interactions. Efficient processing and storage mechanisms are essential for telecom operators to effectively govern this data.

The increased use of broadband and its associated metadata, combined with the introduction of CGNAT due to IPV4 depletion and the adoption of IPV6, has
led to more complex IPDR logging requirements for both fixed and mobile networks. Kron IPDR Logging offers a cost-effective solution for logging this increased traffic and sessions, specifically tailored to meet regulatory requirements and for forensic purpose.

Kron IPDR Logging is a crucial component of your data management ecosystem, streamlining the ingestion and processing of your log data. It enables the seamless replication of IPDR logs to other analytical systems, providing a wide range of users with access to querying, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

In summary, Kron IPDR Logging is a vital component for modern telecom operators, offering real-time network intelligence to efficiently manage the growing broadband landscape while meeting regulatory requirements, enhancing forensic capabilities, and providing a purpose-built pipeline for streamlined data ingestion and storage solutions.

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