Data Stream Processing

High-capacity stream analytics, logging and pipeline solution with zero-loss architecture for security, monitoring, and regulation observability.

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Best Carrier Grade Nat
Logging Solution

Kron DSP can be used to support various scenarios when deployed in conjunction with different network equipments including routers, firewalls, DPI, NAT devices. Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) logging is the most required use-case in the telecom sector. Due to the lack of IPv4 addresses, operators deploy CGN products. CGN deployment bring about to correlate each user’s AAA session, NAT table and traffic flow to clarify user identity due to regulatory requirements. Kron DSP Collector meets CGN logging requirements by correlating hundreds of thousands of events per second in single instance.

Best Carrier Grade NatLogging Solution
Stream Data Integration For  Data Lakes

Stream Data Integration For Data Lakes

Kron DSP is a key component of data management products in your big data environment with solid references. Kron DSP allows to reduce and reshape streaming data for existing data lakes, with distributed scalable architecture. Stored logs can be shared across the organization of enterprise or telco, empowering a wide range of users with query, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

Real-Time Analytics

Streaming analytics capability aims to open new horizons in different industries by processing and interpreting real-time event data. The marketing and strategy departments' decision-making processes will be greatly advanced by Kron DSP.

Real-Time  Analytics
Security Insight

Security Insight

The most important issue for security operations teams is rapid action. Kron DSP provides simple, fast actionable and enriched data to SIEM platforms by correlating data from different sources and filtering low value event logs. Security operations teams can operate more efficiently at low-cost with help of data provided by Kron DSP.

Identity Proofing And Affirmation

Kron DSP is used for identity proofing and affirmation due to having up-to-date IP addresses and PII ( Personal Identifiable Information). Most of the operators have online applications (such as online customer portals etc.) which authenticate users via its IP address or MSISDN and provides passwordless authentication. This capability improves the experience of login processes while strengthening security.

Identity Proofing And Affirmation