Kron Announces Big Data Processing and Storage Project with Ufone

Kron Announces Big Data Processing and Storage Project with Ufone

Nov 02, 2022 / Kron

Leading Pakistani mobile operator Ufone, which has been using Kron's big data and logging products since 2015, signed a new contract with Kron to meet its requirements and manage its increasing data traffic.

According to this agreement, Ufone will ensure the processing and storage of Big Data generated in the network infrastructure as part of 4G requirements and 5G plans with Kron products. The scope of the contract includes Kron software licenses and support maintenance services for 5 years.

As Internet traffic has increased, there is more raw data that needs to be processed in the telecommunications infrastructure. Real-time processing, enrichment, and storage of this data are critical for telecommunication service providers, therefore, uninterrupted and seamless processing requires high-performance solutions. Kron's data processing and storage solutions enable telecommunication operators to process, enrich, archive, and store millions of pieces of data per second, right at the point of origin.

Commenting on the agreement, Mete Sansal, the CEO of Kron, said, "We have been producing solutions for the data processing and storage needs of telecommunication operators in both Turkey and the neighboring countries for a long time. We are proud that our unique, purpose-built product has attained a benchmark of this magnitude. Thanks to the solution we have developed at Kron, we are able to offer telecommunication operators the solutions they need to process the increasing volumes of data post-5G, with high capacity and concurrent data processing capabilities that go far beyond traditional data processing solutions."

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