A First in the World from Kron and Vodafone Business Partnership

A First in the World from Kron and Vodafone Business Partnership

Jun 24, 2021 / Kron

Offering software products to many global companies in sectors such as telecommunications, finance, energy, and health, Kron signed a business partnership with Vodafone Business. Vodafone Secure Access Management, the first service developed with a mobile operator in this field in the world, was implemented as part of the business partnership. With Vodafone Secure Access Management, powered by Kron's globally recognized Single Connect platform, Vodafone Business has started to offer Privileged Access Management (PAM) service to its customers. Expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation, Kron CEO Mete Sansal said, "We have been working with Vodafone Business for a long time. We have recently expanded the scope of our cooperation and started to develop solutions together that could be a first in the sector. After our mutual negotiations, we devised a PAM solution that companies can benefit from more economically. As a result of our evaluation, we implemented Vodafone Secure Access Management, a more economical solution that can meet the needs of cloud customers. In Vodafone Secure Access Management solution, we are proceeding again through Single Connect infrastructure".

Speaking on the subject, Meltem Bakiler Şahin, Vice President of Vodafone Turkey Executive Board, said the following: "By analyzing the needs of companies operating in different sectors, we support them to gain competitive advantages with our solutions such as connectivity, data center, and cyber security. Data security is among the essentials of institutions nowadays, in which the digitalization process is much faster than in yesterday's world. Access security, which is essential in ensuring data security, is also one of the most significant issues. In partnership with Kron, we offer Vodafone Secure Access Management and Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a service with multi-tenant capabilities."

All actions can be monitored on the cloud

With Vodafone Secure Access Management, Vodafone Business offers its customers, who use the solution, the opportunity to record and monitor who did what, when, for what purpose, and for what kind of operations when accessing the servers they host on the cloud, both by their security needs and the regulations they comply with.

It detects and prevents malicious actions!

Developed by Kron against internal and external cyber security threats of corporate companies, Single Connect product is a privileged account access security platform with comprehensive modules on access and data security. The product, which provides data security by managing all privileged accesses in information infrastructure systems, is deployed in a short time thanks to its modular structure and agency-free architecture. And thanks to its advanced session management, it detects and records malicious actions in real-time before they occur.

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