Turkcell & Kron Cooperation Continues Strongly

Turkcell & Kron Cooperation Continues Strongly

Feb 11, 2021 / Kron

Thanks to its high-tech software products developed within the Operations Support Systems (OSS), Kron ensures integrated access to many solutions that telecommunication operators need in their operations. This contract with Turkcell aims to provide the best digital customer experience with high-quality products and services in Turkey, including Quality Assurance, Marta AAA, and RTNI software products of Kron.

As a comment on the agreement, Kron CEO Mete Sansal said: “We are extremely happy to support the understanding of quality service of Turkcell with this cooperation, which plays an important role in the digitalization process and carried out for the development of its technology ecosystem. We are so happy to continue our long-term technology solution partnership in many processes such as network traffic measurement, subscriber verification processes, and monitoring network service quality”

Turkcell Chief Supply Chain Officer Ali Türk added: “As Turkcell, we care about investing in domestic technologies developed in our country. As a result of the added value and success provided by our local companies, which stay in an important position in the digital transformation of Turkey, we realize the best digital customer experience we have committed to our customers every year more strongly. With the solutions provided by Kron, we will carry our claim of customer satisfaction even further."

It Helps Telecom Giants Strengthen

Thanks to its R&D center located in ITU ARI Teknokent, Kron offers solutions to telecom companies in different parts of the world as well as Turkey and supports the operational strength of telecom operators in such a wide geography from Europe to Asia-Pacific.

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