We met with our business partners and customers at Black Hat MEA, where we participated as a Bronze Sponsor.

We Met with Our Business Partners and Customers at Black Hat MEA, Where We Participated as a Bronze Sponsor

Nov 17, 2023 / Kron

We gathered with thousands of cybersecurity professionals at one of the most prestigious cybersecurity fairs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, between November 14 - 16, the Black Hat MEA. During this event, we shared detailed information about our artificial intelligence-supported cybersecurity products with our business partners.

On the first day of Black Hat MEA, where we took part as a bronze sponsor, our Product Director, Erhan Yılmaz, presented how Kron PAM utilizes artificial intelligence to detect and prevent potential internal threats originating from within the organization. He also provided detailed insights into other features of our product.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our business partners who visited our booth during Black Hat MEA and to Saudi Vision, Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, and Black Hat MEA authorities for their support in organizing a very effective event.

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