Cooperation For Cyber Security Between Kron And Havelsan

Cooperation For Cyber Security Between Kron And Havelsan

Sep 30, 2022 / Kron

Kron as a cybersecurity software producer and Havelsan as Turkey's leading company in Defense Industries are starting an important alliance. According to the agreement, Havelsan shall prefer the cybersecurity products developed by Kron for the Authorized Account Access Security needs, which is one of the solutions offered to the public offices and Defense Industry companies in Turkey.

A great contributor to the fulfillment of the needs of the Turkish Defense Industry using local and national resources, Havelsan is taking important steps in naturalization in the field of cyber security as well. Cooperating with Kron as part of these steps, Havelsan will start using Kron products as needed in the cybersecurity projects it has undertaken in public offices, especially in the defense industry.

Havelsan Cybersecurity Director Mert Özarar commented on the agreement as follows; “It is very important and the top priority for us to meet the cybersecurity infrastructure needs of the critical institutions in our country using proven local and national technologies. In that sense, our cooperation with Kron will take us one step further towards this goal."

Kron General Manager Mete Sansal, on the other hand, said; “As a global technology producer, we aim to reduce the dependence of our country on foreign cyber security solutions while offering our products to the use of pacesetter companies across the world. We are very happy to know that our cooperation with Havelsan will help us make a greater contribution to maximizing the effectiveness of information security in our country thanks to our products and field knowledge.”

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