How Comprehensive is Your PAM Solution? How Secure is Your Infrastructure?

How Comprehensive is Your PAM Solution? How Secure is Your Infrastructure?

Nov 02, 2018 / Kron

You think you have Privileged Access Management (PAM) covered – but are there key elements missing in the solution?

It’s time to take a new look at PAM, with a more holistic approach, particularly as innovations continue to drive more value against the increasingly complicated and expanding threat surface.

Over the last decade, enterprises have been buying, installing, integrating, and operating PAM solutions, often several of them, given the gaps from one solution to the next.

Traditional, legacy PAM vendors focused on either the password vault or session manager functionalities via a jump server.

And yet, there are many additional critical functionalities that can be deployed with a cutting-edge, comprehensive PAM software suite that may cost less than glued-together PAM solutions built for times bygone

In addition to the traditional functionalities typical in a PAM solution, Kron also delivers a built-in multi-factor authentication and authorization module and has rolled out the best-in-market software for securing enterprise infrastructure end points. These include real-time advanced least privilege functions, such as managerial approval, context-aware command filtering, and geofencing during a live session, built-in TACACS and Radius servers, NMS and EMS integration and more.

And equally powerful is that Kron runs as a real database security solution –not as a workaround through a jump server.

Why does this matter?

With Kron, database admins continue to use their favorite client applications (e.g. toad, navicat, etc.) on their devices and authorized ones can login and view searchable indexed records, enforce policies for privileged database users, and mask the data in real time, without changing any records in the database.

If you’re a CISO or an IT leader, it’s time to ask what your current PAM vendor provides, what you’re missing out on, and at what cost.

And if you’re investing in further strengthening the security of your network, infrastructure, applications, and endpoints to ensure availability and control, including as part of a roadmap to comply with today’s regulations and all those to come, ask questions to potential PAM vendors about how comprehensive and unified their solutions are. Are they point solutions, or are they built on a platform, with modules that can be unlocked as requirements dictate, through a powerful software suite, coming from a proven provider?

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