Protect What You Connect: Krontech’s Vision, Our Collective Mission

Protect What You Connect: Krontech’s Vision, Our Collective Mission

Oct 04, 2017 / Kron

Today Kron introduced our new theme and tagline: Protect What You Connect™.

We have not taken the common path – we are disrupters and innovators, not because it is cool to be, but because we all share a common desire to protect what we connect.

These are more than just words to our team. We are passionate about securing networks, and determined to continue to develop powerful software that is as simple to deploy as it is sophisticated in its coding.

Our focus? To bring the greatest levels of access control software to service providers and enterprises, in tandem with improving the efficiency of network operations. We make it easier to protect networks, equipment and applications from intentional and unintentional disruption due to human malice and mistakes by bringing tools to Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) teams that streamlines their hard work, and drives the quality of compliance and the preparation for audits exponentially easier.

Today, we are also amplifying the new features we have been building in our labs – products, solutions and service with an increasing depth of automation and sophistication, which is freeing up time that can be shifted to building ever more amazing and secure networks.

This is according to the large tier one operators and big global enterprises who have so kindly collaborated with us as our most valued partners. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing results of our initial tests, and outcomes from customers who have been using our Access Control technologies, in some cases, for over a decade.

The Kron team is rolling out into more and more regions, including offices in the US and Latin America which we opened earlier this year in response to demand coming from large enterprises and the network operators who serve them for local team support that starts, quite often, with workshops where we collaborate to build solutions based on our technology that fit perfectly into their existing and long-term architecture.

One such amazing new partner is GTT, one of the top ten network operators in the world. Today we announced how we are working with them to provide even greater security and assurance to their large global customers, counting on the GTT network to protect what they connect. (link to news release).

As the number of things connected to networks, both consumer and enterprise, increases into the multiple billions, all those endpoints must be secured and controlled, if we wish to protect our communities, our economies, our factories and our families.

We’re particularly passionate about our work in the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things worlds, where the servers we connect – whether they are on premise or in the cloud – are very often the gatekeepers against cyberattacks.

When we see companies like Equifax, and organizations like the US Security and Exchange Commission, compromised when their networks are broken into – when priceless personal information and competitive data is stolen – our determination to solve for vulnerabilities only increases. It is our sacred obligation as a network security technology and services provider to do our level best –every day – to create and continually enhance the products and solutions we are deeply proud of, since our parent company, Kron, was established in 2007.

We have not taken the common path – we are disrupters and innovators, not because it is cool to be, but because we all share a common desire to protect what we connect.

We have families, we live in communities, we buy things online, we invest in our smart homes, we believe in our democracies, we benefit from the Internet, and we never want to take a single step backward.

Our technology has always been software, which runs on open hardware. We believe in Open Telecom, and open societies, where security is a necessary ingredient in fueling business creativity and the advancement of digital life. Without securing our networks – in our case ensuring the people working inside the network, and the machines connected which can be improved through automation – we risk investment capital, reputational disaster, and more.

Most worrisome? When we do not protect what we connect, our utilities can be compromised, our power grid and smart grid taken down, our public security systems going dark, our transportation systems paralyzed, and our financial systems manipulated.

As humans, we have learned to connect in amazing new ways – including on social media. Being connected drives our relationships and our careers, and Kron’s team is motivated every day to help everybody protect what matters most.

Stay tuned for more announcements, follow our new blog, and contact me personally if you’re interested in learning more about why more and more companies are make the Kron choice.

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