User Behavior Analytics

Detect and respond to security threats by analyzing the user’s activity pattern with AI-powered intelligent algorithms.

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AI-Powered Intelligent Algorithms

Kron PAM’s UBA detects anomalous user behavior, such as irregular login time, unusual user activity or excessive access attempts based on the regular user patterns (baseline) of privileged users. Intelligent algorithms track potentially malicious activities and suspected compromised credentials, both in active and finished sessions, such as keyboard typing behavior and unusual command execution.

AI-Powered Intelligent Algorithms
Prioritize Risk based on Risk Scores

Kron PAM’s UBA detects imminent security threats related to privileged accounts. AI-based algorithms calculate user-based risk scores for the detected abnormal behavior and prioritize risks according to risk scores.

Monitor Risky User Behavior

Advanced reporting features visualize suspicious and risky behavior and make it easy for system administrators to monitor user behavior.

Alerts and Responds to Detected Threats

Kron PAM’s UBA sends automated alerts to system administrators based on user risk scores. Kron PAM automatically responds to detected threats, such as terminating sessions or quarantining/restricting access to critical systems.