Unified Access Manager

The most comprehensive protocol-based security software that unifies AAA and AD.

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Stand-alone AAA Solution

Native built-in TACACS+ and RADIUS servers support, no need for additional platform to replace aging Cisco ACS servers.

Stand-alone AAA Solution
Direct and Console Access

Kron’s Unified Access Manager (TACACS+) controls direct and console access to target devices, and can enforce users to connect to devices through Kron PAM’s PSM, enhancing session control features.

Full Visibility

With the detailed audit logs, all commands, either failed or succeeded, are indisputably logged, creating a record of which user attempted to run which command on which device and when. Centralized visibility of all user sessions and executed commands in searchable, indexed human readable format.

Highly Scalable

The Unified Access Manager supports up to 250,000 devices in a single instance with high performance.

Compliance with Regulations

The Unified Access Manager extends Active Directory group policies to network infrastructure and supports compliance with regulations including GDPR, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, PCI.