Network Performance Monitoring

Kron NPM ensures the visibility of networks as it becomes the nervous system of digital businesses.

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High Capacity Throughput

Over 10000 metrics per seconds can be polled with a single collector instance.

High Capacity Throughput
Automated Topology Building

After auto-discovery, the network topology is created automatically. New detected devices coming from daily scheduled discoveries are added to topologies without manual intervention.

Anomaly Detection

AI-based threshold calculation for anomaly detection.

Process and Service Monitoring

Kron’s NPM monitors services and processes running on your Windows and Linux servers by polling via WMI and SSH.

Alarm Suppression & Storm Management

Alarm suppression with parent child crosschecks. Storm management for SNMP traps and Syslog events.

Protocol and IP-based Traffic Analysis

Each application and IP-based traffic can be displayed in percentage of the utilized network through flow analysis.