Network Performance Monitoring

Kron NPM ensures the visibility of networks as it becomes the nervous system of digital businesses.

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Single Monitor Topology
Comprehensive Network Monitoring

Kron’s NPM monitors and collects all performance and inventory data for all discovered physical and virtual devices and resources on available platforms, such as routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, Windows servers, Linux & Unix servers, Hyper-V hosts, Esx-i hosts, V-Centers, etc.. With its flexible metric defining system, Kron’s NPM allows any metric to be monitored if the device responds to the protocols we support. It also provides a personalized viewing experience with maps, topologies, customizable reports, and dashboards. The Traffic Analyzer utilizes flow data and turns this data into observable insights and dashboards. It also monitors the network traffic on an application basis and provides the necessary data for capacity planning and optimization.

How Does Kron's NPM Work?

Kron’s NPM can discover network topology and immediately start listening and polling discovered inventory. The Kron NPM event listening module supports different protocols like SNMP trap, syslog, flow data and telemetry. For scalability purposes Kafka is supported in a built-in deployment or can be integrated with a centralized Kafka cluster. The performance management module can be scaled horizontally and natively integrated with the fault management module. Kron’s NPM can monitor network devices, IT elements and web services with a wide variety of protocols.

How Does Kron's NPM Work?