Krontech Partners with ITL Global Services

Krontech Partners with ITL Global Services

Krontech (KRONT.IS), a leader in network Access Control Systems, announced today it has partnered with ITL Global Services (ITLGS), a leading provider of custom network solutions and critical business services, to support ITLGS’ customers with privileged access management through the adoption of Krontech’s Single Connect™ software.

From Wavelength and Ethernet to Dark Fiber and Cloud Services, ITLGS has extensive experience delivering customized solutions to thousands of customers in healthcare, financial services, media and content, government, education, and other large enterprises. By designing customized network solutions that are diverse, flexible, and scalable, ITLGS empowers organizations and transforms their global connectivity.

Headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, ITLGS is actively embedding Single Connect™ into their suite of solutions, supporting existing and future customers. “This new partnership gives ITLGS the exciting opportunity to offer our customers network security solutions, including Single Connect™ – Krontech’s market leading Access Control Management software”, said Tamir Barsik, Global Head of Engineering & Infrastructure at ITLGS. “Krontech has a proven track record in supporting many large enterprises, and here at ITLGS, we’re looking forward to working with their team to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions.”

Krontech’s core offering is Single Connect™, a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution granting privileged access to enterprise resources, used as an information security and governance tool to prevent internal data breaches and internal attacks using privileged accounts. Single Connect™ enables IT managers and network admins to efficiently secure the access, control configurations and indisputably record all activities in the data center or network infrastructure, in which any breach of privileged accounts access might have material impact on business continuity.

“We are honored to solidify the partnership and to work with ITLGS and their clients”, said Osman Erkan, CEO of Krontech. “Given the increasing amount of activities on networks, the transformation of those networks, and the growing concern over cybersecurity breaches, having a PAM solution in place is evidence of a deep commitment to ensuring services are running efficiently, and communications and applications are not interrupted. ITLGS can bring this solution to any and all of their customers wishing to simplify privileged access account management, leverage automation to synchronize active directories, and ensuring security for the most mission critical, dynamic business applications and devices.”


About Krontech

Krontech is a software company established in 2007 and produces and integrates advanced technology software in the fields of Access Control Systems, Network Packet Brokerage, Streaming Analytics, Fast Data & Real Time Data Processing, and Next-generation Security and Audit. With cost-efficient, flexible, and tailored solutions, Krontech is a respected and proven partner, capable of supporting organizations of all sizes and in every industry. We have significant experience in protecting extremely large and complex infrastructures including many Tier-1 telecom service providers and large global enterprises. Krontech’s North American operations are headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with research and development facilities in Istanbul, and regional sales and support offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.


About ITL Global Services

ITL Global Services LLC is a trusted leader in the integrated telecommunications industry, providing reliable and flexible solutions in over 35 countries worldwide. Since 1993, ITL has been paving the way with creative network solutions that set businesses apart by re-examining how companies procure their mission-critical connectivity. ITL Global Services has continued to develop and optimize a global footprint of solutions through tailored and dependable service. This uniquely designed approach affords ITLGS the freedom to adapt and continuously refine its network and solutions to suit the ever-changing needs of its customers. To learn more, visit

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