Kron PAM

Establish a flexible, centrally managed and layered defense security architecture against insider threats with the world's leading Privileged Access Management platform.

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Privileged Access Management Platform : Kron PAM

Kron PAM is a comprehensive Privileged Access Management (PAM) software suite designed to prevent internal and external attacks aiming to compromise privileged accounts. Kron PAM is fast to deploy with its modular and agentless architecture. Kron PAM detects, prevents, and records malicious activities in real-time before they occur thanks to its advanced session management properties.

Privileged Access Management Platform : Kron PAM
Unified PAM Solution

The Kron PAM product family strengthens, simplifies and secures the management of privileged accounts, for enterprises and the network operators who serve them. Kron PAM unifies multivendor environments with pre-integrated modules, managing dozens of vendors and hundreds of network elements and servers with a single, universal system.

Central Password Management

The Kron PAM Password Vault is a central secure password vault and helps you to prevent stealing or unauthorized sharing of passwords. Users check out the credentials of a privileged account from the Kron PAM Password Vault and then use the password to connect to target endpoints in order to fulfil their tasks. Visit Password Vault to discover its enhanced password vault capabilities.

Second Layer of Security

Usernames and passwords were the most common combination to identify users, but today passwords are vulnerable, and hackers may easily steal passwords with phishing, social or dictionary attacks. The Kron MFA Manager delivers an additional code (one-time-password) to users’ mobile phones that is required during authentication, which ensures users are who they say they are. Check out Multi-Factor Authentication to learn more about secure & reliable authentication.

Unified Access Management

Controlling access to who can log in to a network device or server via SSH/TELNET sessions to configure them has always been a high priority concern for carriers and enterprises. The longstanding de-facto protocols for device administration access management are RADIUS (Remote Access Dial-in Service) and TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System). Every authentication and command execution attempt of a user is forwarded from the device/server to the Single Connect Unified Access Manager, enabling many features including single-sign-on, custom/least policy enforcement, indisputably logging, and multi-tenancy, to be centrally managed and delivered. Look into Unified Access Manager for further information.

Database Access Management

The Kron PAM Database Access Manager controls, monitors and audits encrypted database administrator sessions. The Database Access Manager runs as a gateway between users and target databases. The Man-in-the-middle approach of the Database Access Manager requires no software agents to be deployed on target end points and no specific access portal or client application is required. It is fast to implement and has no impact on end-user experience. Users are authenticated from the existing directory service of the enterprise, and the entire session goes through the Database Access Manager, therefore, indexed logs, audit trails and statistics are generated indisputably.

The Kron PAM Database Access Manager supports a wide range of SQL and NoSQL database types for DB sessions, including Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Teradata and Hive. Kron PAM’s Database Access Manager efficient and centrally secures and controls privileged access to databases. The Kron PAM Database Access Manager also provides a dynamic data masking feature to prevent access to sensitive data. Explore Kron PAM’s Database Access Manager to find out more.

Task Automation Suite for Staff Augmentation and Granular Access Control

Privileged Task Automation (PTA) is a service and network management platform for enterprises and service providers who have different network equipment and different internal and external services.

This platform provides a single interface to configure network business flows with dynamic customized and extendable command sets and next-generation GUI. Go through Privileged Task Automation to uncover the single powerful interface to configure the capabilities of network business flows.

Privileged Session Control

The Kron PAM Privileged Session Manager (PSM) has the capability to control, monitor and audit encrypted administrator sessions. The Session Manager runs as a gateway between users and target end points. The Man-in-the-middle approach of the Privileged Session Manager requires no software agents to be deployed on target end points, and no specific access portal or client application is required. Go to Privileged Session Manager to learn more about controlling privileged sessions.