Endpoint Privileged Management

Control and monitor applications and commands run on endpoint, manage privileged users across the organization more efficiently

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Central Management of Privileges

The Kron PAM EPM centrally manages least privileged principles on endpoints. Kron PAM automatically discovers the applications on Windows. Advanced policy capabilities enable granular polices which allow only authorized users to run particular scripts, applications and operations.

Central Management of Privileges
Administrator Rights Elevation on Linux&Unix

The Kron PAM™ EPM provides central management of super user privileges in Linux & Unix devices and enables different authorization options for super user elevation, including administrator approval. Kron PAMs EPM allows granular policies to be applied to commands even if they are defined as alias or included in a script.

Active Directory Bridge

Kron PAM’s EPM enables Active Directory authentication and Single Sign-On features on endpoints, even on non-domain devices. Kron PAM’s EPM eliminates local admin privileges and shared administrator credentials.

Advanced Dashboards for Compliance Requirements

EPM centrally reports users' authentication attempts, executed applications and commands, and elevation requests. EPM's ready-to-use and flexible dashboards allow the view of all privileged operations on endpoints on a single screen.