Kron PAM

Establish a flexible, centrally managed and layered defense security architecture against insider threats with the world's leading Privileged Access Management platform.

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Unified Access Management

Kron PAM™ product family strengthens, simplifies and secures the management of privileged accounts, for enterprises and network operators who serve them. Kron PAM unifies multivendor environments with pre-integrated modules managing dozens of vendors and hundreds of network elements and servers with a single, universal system.

unified access management

Privileged Session Manager

Secures privileged users (IT and Network admins) access to critical systems. Tracks all user activities and provides VCR-like replays of sessions. Prevents unsupervised access by inside actors, contractors or 3rd parties to critical systems.

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Password Vault Password Vault

Takes control of device, server, application and database passwords, providing security while sustaining efficiency.

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Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides second layer of security to verify your identity to make fraud attempts ineffective.

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Unified Access Manager Unified Access Manager

Provides AAA services for network infrastructure and extends authentication and policy configurations of AD to network.

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Database Access Manager & Dynamic Data Masking Database Access Manager & Dynamic Data Masking

Single point of access control management for database layer, secures data access with logging, policy enforcement, and masking.

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Cloud PAM Cloud PAM

Protects client organizations' assets whether their infrastructure is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, and supports Cloud IaaS platforms.

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Privileged Task Automation Privileged Task Automation

Provides a single interface to configure the ability of network business flows with dynamic and extendable command sets.

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