AAA Server & Subscriber Management

Kron's fast, feature-rich, modular and scalable telco-grade AAA solution.

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Customizable AAA Functions

Kron's AAA features customizable AAA functions for specific requirements of diverse telco, service provider and enterprise networks.

Customizable  AAA Functions
Real-Time Accounting

Offers real-time accounting on a scalable carrier-grade level. With Kron’s AAA cutting-edge infrastructure, thousands of accounting requests can be handled in seconds.

Carrier Grade Scalability

Kron’s AAA supports up to tens of thousands of RADIUS transactions per second and tens of millions of concurrent sessions - with much higher performance achievable in a clustered environment by unlimited horizontal scalability.

Carrier Grade Reliability

Allows you to meet your stringent uptime requirements with reliable state-of-the-art features like Static IP Pool Management, Rest and SOAP NBI support and more.

Multi-Vendor Support

Kron’s AAA comes pre-configured with many 3rd-party Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs). New VSAs can be added to further extend its interoperability by uploading vendor dictionaries seamlessly.