5 Tips to Prevent Data Breach at Your Company

5 Tips to Prevent a Data Breach at Your Company

Jan 10, 2021 / Kron

Like everything else around the world, companies are going digital at a rapid pace. Apart from the increased interest of corporate and individual customers in the digital world, unpredictable developments such as the pandemic also accelerate this process. Being digital both outside and inside the organization becomes a necessity for all companies that want to survive, regardless of whether they are large or small. However, this innovative ecosystem, which evolves entirely through virtual steps, also brings new security vulnerabilities. If you want to prevent data breaches while joining the digital era, you can manage this process much more securely with these five tips.

1.  Control All Access with the Privileged Session Manager

Access security is an indispensable measure for all companies. In order avoid serious problems as a result of a possible security vulnerability, it is of great importance that everything from the identity of the people logged in to your system to their access levels can be controlled. The Privileged Session Manager comes into play exactly at this point and is a central solution alternative in access management. With a Privileged Session Manager, you can eliminate confusion in access management and control privileged sessions comprehensively, ensuring that your company always has a high level of access security.

2.  Prevent Malicious Attempts with Password Vault 

Passwords used when signing in are one of the most basic security measures in businesses, but can be easily compromised by malicious people, turning them into a major security vulnerability. It follows that easy or carelessly shared passwords can also have negative consequences. A Password Vault helps you avoid these risks, confirms authorized sessions and offers a fully encrypted infrastructure. In addition, its superior digital vault feature prevents malicious people from sharing their privileged passwords.

3.  Implement Location and Time-Based Security Through Multi-Factor Authentication

Just like passwords, any unchecked, malicious actors that manage to pass through the verification steps can gain direct access to privileged information and the entire system. Two-Factor Authentication is a feature that can help you avoid such a catastrophic scenario, offering you a highly advanced verification system that considers both location and time. With this in place, easy passwords are not a threat, and secure access to critical data is ensured.

4.  Increase Your Security by Recording Sessions with Dynamic Data Masking

Dynamic Data Masking makes it possible to record and mask database administrators’ sessions and their access to critical data, allowing your company to create security processes that are much more transparent and leave no doubt of suspicious activity. A Database Access Manager and Dynamic Data Masking increase your security while ensuring regulatory compliance.

5.  Take Productivity to the Top with Privileged Task Automation

Privileged Task Automation allows you to automate routine tasks with its scalable and flexible architecture, and saves you extra effort and time, eliminating any service disruptions. As a result, the configurable and regular operation of Privileged Task Automation processes eliminates service disruptions, thus increasing business efficiency.

Single Connect: An End-to-End Solution to Prevent Data Breaches

Single Connect, one of the world's most comprehensive privileged access management (PAM) platforms, features a multi-layered security infrastructure, modular system, and a wide range of solutions, allowing you to protect your critical data from internal and external cyberattacks. Featuring a Privileged Session Manager, Password Vault, Multi-Factor Authentication, Dynamic Data Masking, and Privileged Task Automation, the advanced Single Connect platform becomes one of the most effective security partners in your company's digital processes.

In addition, Single Connect complies with regulations such as TACACS+ / RADIUS Access Management, GDPR, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI. Single Connect is considered the highest performing solution in the industry, and supports up to 250,000 device on a single server. With Kron's exclusive privileged access management (PAM) platform Single Connect, you too can safely step into the digital world.

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