Single Connect 2.12.0 Release is Now Available

Single Connect 2.12.0 Release is Now Available

Feb 20, 2019 / Kron

Session Manager Enhancements

  • Multi-Port Binding Support for SQL Proxy
  • Oracle 12c Support for SQL Proxy
  • Teradata Support for SQL Proxy
  • Passphrase Support for SSH Key Authentication
  • Support for disabling key store logging during password entrance in Remote Desktop Sessions
  • Application Level Access Control Granularity on Device Group
  • Duration-Based Session Restriction support for Remote Desktop and Remote Console Sessions
  • Idle Session Timeout Support for Remote Desktop Sessions
  • Single Connect Remote Desktop Client Application Improvements
  • Auto Login and Password Obfuscation Support for Remote Application Access
  • HTTP/S Proxy Improvements

Privileged Task Automation Enhancements

  • Service Now Ticket System Integration Support Improvements

Dynamic Password Controller Enhancement

  • Split Password Support Improvements
  • Future Date Reservation Support Improvements
  • Two Level Approval Workflow Support Improvements
  • Active Node Detection for Identical Accounts
  • Password Checkout from Single Connect Mobile (iOS/Android) Application Improvements

TACACS Access Manager Enhancements

  • Web based Operation and Maintenance Interface for TACACS
  • MSCHAPv2 Support Improvements

Management GUI Enhancements

  • Web based Operation and Management Interface for Backup
  • Duplicate Feature for Element Type, Device Group, Device Realm, Policy Group Creation
  • Policy Generator on Web GUI
  • Email Configuration Wizard Improvements

SAML Integration

  • SAML Authentication Support Improvements
  • New Version Mobile Application

Bug Fixes

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