Quality Assurance

Kron's Quality Assurance is the excellent distributed platform that enables scenario & modeling driven proactive network and services quality measurements.

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How Quality Assurance Works?

Kron’s Network and Service Quality Assurance consists of two basic components: the Central Management System and the Kron IAP probes. The Kron IAP probes can be deployed in different points across the whole network, including core and CPE locations, according to the planned measurements. Kron’s Network and Service Quality Assurance can be implemented based on TWAMP (Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol), which is a key to measure end to end network performance with various endpoint devices.

How Quality Assurance Works?
Kron Network and Service Quality Assurance has following test engines for different purposes:

  • IPQM to measure packet loss, latency, jitter, hop count and MTU
  • ISQM to measure internet access service metrics such as upload and download throughput
  • NSQM to measure customer experience metrics such as HTTP availability, DNS availability
  • IPTV to measure channel bitrate and zapping time
  • VoQM to measure metrics regarding VOIP such as release cause ratio, SIP availability, SIP call timers etc.
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