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Wide Range of Products

Single Connect™ is a privileged access management platform with a wide range of ready-to-use modules against internal and external cyber security threats of corporate organizations. Single Connect™ manages all privileged access to IT infrastructures and ensures data security.

Unique Features

Single Connect™ is deployed very fast with its modular and agentless architecture. Single Connect™ detects, prevents and records malicious activities in real-time before they occur thanks to its advanced session management properties.

Regulatory Compliance

Single Connect™ has centralized critical security tools to ensure compliance in sectors such as finance, energy, health and telecommunications that are regulated by certain regulations. It has full compliance with regulations such as ISO 27001, ISO 31000: 2009, KVKK, PCI DSS, EPDK, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR and offers support for associated audit processes.

Single Connect™ Privileged Access Management Platform

Single Connect ™ helps to minimize internal risks of organizations by controlling critical and high-value assets. Watch our product video for more information!

SINGLE CONNECT™ product family

Privileged Session Management

Controls all privileged user processes and sessions

Password Management

Ensures the security of privileged account passwords and logs their usage

Multi-Factor Authentication

Provides a secondary authentication layer along with login credentials on all your controlled access points

Database Access Management and Logging

Authorizes and logs database administrators’ direct access to sensitive and critical data

Database Masking

Secures data by masking sensitive and confidential data without changing the source data

TACACS + / RADIUS Access Management

Provides centralized authentication and authorization service via TACACS + or RADIUS protocol for devices in your network infrastructure

Privileged Task Automation

Executes workflows on critical systems without granting users a password or access to login

Distinctive features.

Control Your Privileged Accounts

Single Connect™ enables you to take control of your privileged accounts in a very short period of time with its agentless architecture and ready-to-use modules

Minimize Your Risks Against Internal Threats

Detects suspicious activities that are made by mistake or intentionally and prevents these activities before any damage occurs

Minimize the Risks of Privileged Accounts

Centrally manages and protects privileged accounts in all systems and minimizes security risks that may arise

Strengthen Your Security Policies

Strengthens your security policies with geographic location and time-based rules in addition to resource and target-based rules

Enhance Security of Remote Access

Provides remote access needs centrally from a single point. Manages all authorization and authentication processes of access

Integrated Verification and Authorization

With its support for Active Directory/LDAP, TACACS +; it provides integrated verification and authorization for different infrastructure systems

Apply Segregation of Duties Principles

Restricts the authorizations given to business units and departments and gives access only for the systems that they are responsible for

Manage Access in Cloud Data Centers

Manages privileged accounts and sessions on your systems in cloud-based data centers such as Amazon and Azure

Case Study

This IDC Success Story examines how Turkcell effectively uses Kronteh’s privileged access management platform Single Connect™ to support its stringent business needs.

Turkcell and Single Connect™

Turkcell IDC Success Story

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