Network Configuration Management

Kron Network Configuration Management (NCM) helps automate and take total control of the entire device configuration Management while ensuring a high level of network reliability and security.

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Backup Device
Configuration Management

Kron’s NCM communicates with devices and gets configuration files within defined intervals, either through recording CLI sessions or by triggering a file transfer. Kron’s NCM can report scheduled backup results and notify the system admins via different channels.

Backup Device Configuration Management
Report Configuration Changes

In a network environment that contains hundreds of devices, it is hard to keep track of when or what changes have been done to a device. Kron’s NCM enables you to view this data and keep track of these changes through the configuration history. Kron’s NCM can detect configuration changes by comparing previous backups and notify users if there is a change on the configuration.

Audit Configuration Compliance

Kron’s NCM provides you an automated network configuration tool to obtain a configuration and detect changes or violations. It is possible to set and create alarm policies to detect missing lines or required configurations on configuration files. Kron’s NCM allows you to define and set a golden template for each device type in order to detect uncompliant configurations. Furthermore, remediation scripts can be defined to be activated when an uncompliant scenario is detected.

Upload Configuration

It’s critical to access device backups when needed, in case of a device failure. Kron’s NCM allows users to upload configuration backups to the devices.

Configuration Automation

Kron’s NCM automates the process of configuring devices and retrieving information with custom templates. Pre-scheduled tasks can be run on hundreds of devices simultaneously. The outputs of these tasks can be parsed, reported, and used as a source of alarm triggering and health checks.

Bulk Firmware Update

Kron’s NCM can be positioned as a centralized firmware management tool. Firmware updates can be done with scheduled tasks or triggered manually. Kron’s NCM can report version differences between the production and desired version.