Meet the Krontech Team at GISEC, Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference in Dubai, 1-3 May, Dubai World Trade Centre

The Krontech team will be taking part in GISEC, an annual event dedicated to today’s hottest subject: Information Security. ( )

Krontech welcomes everyone to visit us at our booth to view an application demonstration and answer all of your questions related to the following topics:

  • Logging:  Log all privileged session activities within the network infrastructure, including but not limited to databases, servers, applications and appliances
  • Monitoring:  Monitor all privileged sessions in real-time and/or recording for re-play and audit purposes
  • Policy Enforcement:  The enforcement of  policies and the granting of least privilege to decrease the risk
  • Data Masking:  Masking sensitive data in real-time
  • Password Vault:  Storing all passwords securely in a vault and eliminating password sharing among users
  • 2FA:  Applying 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) as a second layer for user authentication, regardless of compromised passwords
  • TACACS Manager:  Rolling out a full-featured, full-service TACACS server alternative for Cisco’s Secure Access Control System (ACS).


You can register for free to attend Krontech’s Genius Talk using the following link:

Subject: How to mitigate your organization internal risks via Privileged Access Management


Please email us for the free access code to participate in the exhibition.

Contact us to confirm a time to meet during the event.

Kubilay Devrim Ekmekci, [email protected], +90 555 255 7446 | +971 52 929 1857,

Baran Guven, [email protected], +90 507 600 8244,