Kron Recognized as a Leader in Omdia Universe

Kron Recognized as a Leader in Omdia Universe

Nov 07, 2021 / Kron

As Kron, we are proud to be listed among the leaders in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Privileged Access Management Solution 2021-22 report issued by Omdia, a leading global research company, with Single Connect (globally known as Krontech), our Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. This report mentions nine leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) companies and offers important insights regarding the PAM market.

Monitoring the current trends and the company policies regarding the global Privileged Access Management market, the Omdia Universe report is reviewing privileged access security services and cyber security precautions offered by companies in accordance with an exceedingly comprehensive methodology.

First, let's take a look at the methodology of the report in which the success of Single Connect is once again recognized, and then review the modular capabilities of our PAM solution along with its significance in the industry.

The Market Definition, Market Dynamics, and General Market Review of PAM

In order to preserve objectivity, and achieve a rational value from the study, a series of methodologies were applied during the preparation phase of the Omdia Universe report. Below you can find the methods of research utilized for this report and the criteria for inclusion in the report:

  1. Omdia analysts conduct a detailed review of the PAM market by utilizing the market forecasts and survey data compiled by Omdia.
  2. In the second phase, the analysts create skill, quality and feature matrices based on the data they deem significant in the PAM market for the following 12 to 18-month period.
  3. Then, they get in touch with the companies and receive information regarding their current solutions and future plans.
  4. The outcomes of this exchange of information are combined with the information received from matrices, industry operations and user conferences.
  5. The analysts gather information regarding the user experience via the reviews and ratings in TrustRadius.
  6. The synthesized version of all data is then reviewed by Omdia editors.
  7. Lastly, the analysts review the study and then, it is ready for publication.

However, for a company to be included in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Privileged Access Management Solution report, some conditions should be met, such as:

  • A minimum of 5 million USD income from PAM products
  • The ability to manage privileged user and privileged session
  • Marketing of sub-products utilized for PAM

As for the definition and general review of the market, it is possible to see that the definition of the PAM market is broadened in the Omdia Universe report. The market definition in the report includes the particulars regarding privileged access management as well as privileged users and password vault applications for their respective accounts, open-source applications, DevOps methodologies, and approaches to audit privileged account IDs which are increasingly utilized in the field of IoT.

Indeed, one of the greatest innovations in the report's perspective on PAM dynamics and the market is the recognition of PAM solutions as comprehensive products. While the ability of PAM applications to be integrated into IT services such as SIEM and ServiceNow is highlighted as a strong feature, it is also emphasized that utilizing PAM with cloud technologies creates a string of opportunities regarding data security and information technologies.

Kron's Position in the Omdia Universe

Single Connect (aka. Krontech), Kron’s PAM solution, was listed among the leaders in the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Privileged Access Management Solution, 2021-22 report, as per the evaluation criteria specified above. The report highlights our PAM solution as offering extremely enhanced modules, which can be required by and provide advantages to various businesses operating in the following lines of work and industries:

  • Telecommunication companies and banks
  • SMEs that are looking for more efficient privileged automation
  • Service providers that offer multi-tenancy

The report indicates that Single Connect is a leader-class solution, and identifies the strengths of our PAM solution as solution capability (86%), solution innovation (82%), vendor experience (79%) and product experience (79%). The study highlights the success rate of identifying session anomalies regarding the privileged account access security of the response module as well as indicating the comprehensive access security offered by our PAM solution to the companies and businesses regarding device and privileged account-based anomalies.

The fact that Single Connect's real-time database monitoring is 100% compatible with the Zero Trust policy, which is the cornerstone of PAM applications, shines out in the Omdia Universe study. It is also claimed that the Zero Trust policy is supported in monitoring user operations.

The report calls attention to the modular structure of our PAM solution, its compatibility with databases, and cloud integration. It should also be noted that these features allowed Kron to be among the leaders. The study indicates that Single Connect supports 10 different databases including Oracle, IBM, MySQL, and MS SQL. Furthermore, it is underlined that our PAM solution supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud services, which are significant in terms of accessibility.

For further information you can visit the Omdia Universe: Selecting a Privileged Access Management Solution 2021-22 report page.

Single Connect from A to Z

Single Connect offers advanced cyber security services to companies and institutions in the field of Privileged Access Management. Single Connect is comprised of six modules that allow you to complete different tasks. Let's review the aforementioned modules and their features to examine Single Connect from A to Z.

Privileged Session Manager

This dynamic, expandable and highly integrated module ensures both the reconfiguration of the workflows in the network with the help of script clusters, and monitoring by conducting the required authorizations. The PSM is a central solution and prevents possible mix-ups in terms of access management and security. Therefore, all sessions in your IT infrastructure become manageable. Thanks to these features, the Privileged Session Manager module was also mentioned as "the best in its class" in Gartner's "Critical Capabilities" report.

Password Vault

The Password Vault helps you gain full password control of devices and databases, and creates an end-to-end encrypted IT infrastructure by verifying the privileged sessions. The module also includes a password vault feature and preserves the privileged users' passwords isolated from the system.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Thanks to the MFA feature, which allows you to request simultaneous time and location verification, all users requesting privileged access to your IT infrastructure are verified both in terms of time and place, and this request is forwarded for admin approval, thus strengthening the layer of access control.

Database Access Manager and Dynamic Data Masking

Being comprised of two components, this module allows the 24/7 monitoring of all admin operations, records every operation, and masks data. In turn, you have peace of mind regarding how your IT infrastructure operates.

Privileged Task Automation (PTA)

Eliminating service downtimes and increasing efficiency to the next level, PTA allows you to automate the routine tasks in your business model and mitigate human errors.

TACACS+ / RADIUS Access Management (Unified Access Manager)

Offering AAA services for network infrastructure, the UAM disseminates the ID authentication and policy configurations of the AD to the entire network.

Being featured in the Omdia Universe report, Kron continues to strengthen its position globally. You can contact us to learn more about Single Connect, which is among the top 10 PAM solutions worldwide and successfully satisfies cyber security needs in terms of privileged access and data security.

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