Dynamic Data Masking

Control and centrally manage secure access to your sensitive data with the Dynamic Data Masking solution

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Database Policy and Access Management

Database admins can control user permissions to access data by establishing rules or policies that comply with the established security requirements.

Database Policy and Access Management
Your sensitive data is safe with Kron’s DDM

Data masking technology is aimed at preventing the abuse of sensitive/confidential data by giving users fictitious (yet realistic) or hidden data, instead of real and sensitive data.

Data masking targets the misuse of data at rest, typically in nonproduction databases (static data masking), and data in transition, typically in production databases (dynamic data masking).

Dynamic Data Masking is necessary, especially for application testing use cases that require representative and coherent data. Dynamic data masking (DDM) limits sensitive data exposure by masking it to non-privileged users.

DDM can also be configured to hide sensitive data in the database query result sets over designated database fields, while the data in the database remains unchanged. DDM supports the following masking rules: Redaction/Nulling, Shuffling, Blurring, Tokenization, Substitution, and other Custom rules defined by regular expressions.

Wide Range of Database Support

Supports well-known Database and BigData platforms, including Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2.