Password Management

Exceptional Digital Vault

Auto discovers and stores all privileged credentials used to access systems and applications within IT and network infrastructure. Stores system and super-user passwords in secure encrypted vault.

How does it work?

Discovers and onboards privileged accounts by scanning IT and network infrastucture. Auto changes system credentials at regular intervals to prevent stale passwords

What are the benefits?

Protects against credential theft by outside actors.Enable user accountability and unified visibility of who used which system credentials for what purpose and when. Provides trails required to comply with internal audits and regulations.

Distinctive features.


Prevents unauthorized access to critical systems

Stop Attacks, Minimize Your Risk

Prevents malicious activities that may occur with stolen privileged accounts

Enable Personal Accountability

Provides audit trails of who used which system credntials for what purpose and when.

Simplify Management of Access to Critical Systems

User, Role and Attribute Based Privilege Management without any update on target systems or Directory Service

Always Strong Passwords

Auto change system passwords with strong ones at regular intervals

Reduce risk

Eliminates password sharing among employees

Zero-touch User provisioning

Auto-sync with MACD (Move, Add, Change and Delete) updates at Directory Service

Make Your System Passwords Invisible

Removes embedded or hard-coded passwords used in applications and scripts

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