Meet the Krontech Team at the IDC Security Roadshow in Almaty on May 17th, The Ritz Carlton Almaty Hotel

The Krontech team will be taking part in the IDC Security Roadshow, an annual event dedicated to today’s hottest subject: Information Security in the Era of Multi-Platforms (

Krontech welcomes everyone to visit us at our booth to view an application demonstration and answer all of your questions related to the following topics:


  • Logging:  Log all privileged session activities within the network infrastructure, including but not limited to databases, servers, applications and appliances
  • Monitoring:  Monitor all privileged sessions in real-time and/or recording for re-play and audit purposes
  • Policy Enforcement:  The enforcement of  policies and the granting of least privilege to decrease the risk
  • Data Masking:  Masking sensitive data in real-time
  • Password Vault:  Storing all passwords securely in a vault and eliminating password sharing among users
  • 2FA:  Applying 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) as a second layer for user authentication, regardless of compromised passwords
  • TACACS Manager:  Rolling out a full-featured, full-service TACACS server alternative for Cisco’s Secure Access Control System (ACS).
  • Data Masking:  SQL server and dynamic data masking


Please contact us to confirm a time to meet during the event.


Olga MATVEEVA, [email protected], +90 535 107 80 36

Dmitry BELYAVSKIY, [email protected], +7 926 522 57 65