Advanced IP Packet Brokering & Management Purpose Built for Software Driven Networking

Enterprises are transforming their networks and layering on new applications which require integration and security policy compliance. Without automation, provisioning, management and reporting, these new environments can become fragmented and costly to sustain.

Among other features, Single Control makes it easier for IT and OT teams to ensure all new applications comply with policy, integrating automation as new applications come on board and are automatically added to network security management platforms.

Single Control’s Network Packet Broker offers out-of-band or inline listening to network traffic from multiple sources between network elements, and shapes the traffic allowing for more efficient use of network performance monitoring, application performance monitoring, analytics platforms, acceleration tools and security-related monitoring devices.

With an ever-increasing amount of ingress-egress traffic within a data center, coupled with an increasing number of analytics tools requiring access to the packet and flow data from within a data center, Single Control as a “white-box” intelligent NPB is the smartest option.

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Single Control Brochure

Privileged Access Management technology implemented to secure access to a large, complex data center and hybrid network.

Single Control Use Cases

Privileged Session Management proven to scale to support billions of access combinations on over 100 thousand active devices.

Benefits of Single Control

Reduce costs in computing and network resources by slicing traffic flow

Correlate identities and traffic in NAT environments complying with growing regulations

Verify operational security policies against actual live network in real-time

. Reduce complexity by eliminating multiple tools running on the same flow by using a single managed resource for SIEM, NUPM and analytics tools

Provide a flexible and efficient solution for exponential network traffic growth

Dramatically cut the cost of deploying appliances in multiple locations

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