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When browsing the website with the link of belonging to Kron Teknoloji A.Ş., cookies may be placed on your terminal (computer, mobile, tablet), subject to the choices you have previously expressed in your navigator parameters. 

A cookie is small text file containing information about the user’s browsing on a website, the main purpose of which is to improve the user’s consultation of the website and permit access to personalized contents. Cookies may be temporary (in such case, the cookie will be deleted automatically upon closing the browser) or permanent (in such case, the cookie will remain stored in the terminal until the date it expires).

We use cookies to improve your user experience, optimize the site design, deliver content tailored to your interests and display advertisements.

Performance Cookies

Cookie Type Explanation Relevant Cookie Policy
Google Analytics Google Analytics cookies enable development and improvement of use of the website by collecting statistical data created at such as visiting, browsing, time spent on the website. In Google Analytics cookies, visitors are not identified in any manner.
Yandex Metrica Yandex Metrica cookies are used to store visits, time spent on the site, temperature of the map for visits, visitor videos, etc. on the website. 
One Trust With OneTrust, you can choose which cookies you will accept or not on, or you will accept all selected cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website - when visited by a user - asks your browser to store on your device to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. 
Google Tag Manager We collect information about your activity on our website. This information generally enables the tags of web performance tools such as Google, Facebook, Yandex, etc. to be collected and managed under one roof, namely Google Tag Manager. 

Advertising/Targeting Cookies

Cookie Type Explanation Relevant Cookie Policy
Google Ads It enables gathering the advertisements created on Google Advertisement Platform/Platforms for communication regarding Kron products, services and trademark with the target market after collecting the user data following searches made on Google search or website visits.
Facebook Ads Facebook cookies enable advertising and targeting based on data created anonymously through social network or websites using Facebook pixel, in case you have a Facebook account.
Linkedin Ads Linkedin cookies enable advertising and targeting based on data created anonymously on social media or through websites using Linkedin Insight Tag, if you have a Linkedin account.
Taboola Ads User information is collected anonymously after website visits and Kron allows the in-content native ads created on Taboola Advertising Platform(s) to be brought together with the target audience for product, service and brand communication. 

Controlling Use of Cookies 


You may personalize your cookie preferences by changing/updating settings of your browser that you have used during your visits to our website. In the scope of options provided by the browser used, you may prevent use of cookies, you may organize settings so that you receive notice before use of cookies or you may disable certain cookies based on your preference. You may perform your preferred cookie settings separately by reviewing the same based on the device or browser with which you visit our website.

You may find below information regarding cookie management of certain popular browsers. 

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