Data Stream Processing

High-Capacity stream analytics, logging and pipeline solution with zero-loss architecture for security, monitoring, and regulation observability.

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High Capacity Ingestion

Kron’s DSP offers up to 1M flow per second ingestion capacity in a single instance.

High Capacity Ingestion
Storing Efficiency

The Kron DSP’s compression algorithms and buffering mechanisms enable you to use less storage area on low cost storage.

Scalable Architecture

Kron DSP Collectors can be extended in a horizontal way to support high capturing and correlation capacity at a single site deployment.

Zero Data Loss Architecture

The Kron DSP distributed architecture enables you to transmit logging packets from remote sites with a reliable protocol.

Distributed Architecture

Distributed architecture allows you to deploy Kron DSP Collector instances where data is generated, from core to edges. The Kron DSP transfers data in between collectors to a central Kron DSP Cabinet module in a compressed and secure way.