Single Connect™ 2.9.0 Release is Now Available

Privileged Database Access Management Enhancements

  • Cassandra DB Support
  • MySQL DB Support
  • MSSQL DB Support
  • Sensitive Data Discovery support


TACACs Access Manager Enhancements

  • IPv6 Support for TACACS and RADIUS
  • Flexible device grouping with regex (regular expression) support
  • Flexible Time & Date based authorization support for TACACS and RADIUS policies
  • Maintenance Mode Support for TACACS and RADIUS
  • Centralized enable-mode password support for Cisco devices
  • Performance Improvements


User and Device Management Enhancements

  • Easy Bulk Device Import from Single Connect GUI
  • Extended cryptographic hash functions support, including SHA384, SHA512, NTLM


Session Manager Enhancements

  • RDP session activity monitoring and reporting
  • File transfer support in VNC connections with rotating sftp password


Password Manager Enhancements

  • Synchronized password rotation support for all servers in a cluster
  • Granular and flexible authorization support for manual confidential data


Multi Language 

  • Russian language support


Minor Bug-fixes