Single Connect 2.8.2 is Now Available!

Highlights of the new Single Connect Release:


SQL Session Management Enhancements

  • SQL logging enhancements to support binding variables and UTF-8 characters
  • SQL enforcement enhancements to support granular policies


Auto Discovery Enhancements

  • Windows Local User Discovery and Audit Report
  • Auto scan of a network subnet and device import support based on custom rules
  • Auto import of devices from Active Directory


Remote Desktop Session Enhancements

  • Multi-language keyboard support
  • Forward/Backward scroll bar support


SIEM Integration Enhancements

  • Granular user and session logs
  • Queue management of Syslog messages to mitigate SIEM server or connection failures


2FA improvements during session establishment and in-session authorization

Granular configuration of email notifications

SFTP session log management enhancements

Auto complete and auto filter support on input fields and bug-fixes