Single Connect™ 2.10.0 Release is Now Available

Enhanced Cloud Support:

  • AWS and Azure Cloud support is now enhanced with auto discovery of virtual instances, accounts and credentials with auto onboarding processes.
  • Seamless integration with AWS and Azure eliminates synchronization issues entirely and secures cloud environment while improving daily operational efficiency.


Privileged Task Automation

  • Workflow based network configuration and execution with validation mechanisms
  • Even more granular least privilege management, delegate tasks instead of delegating privileges
  • Improve operational efficiency and minimize human errors
  • Scheduled and auto-executed vendor agnostic task support for automated tasks
  • Workflow and script-based activity logging reports


Wireless Authentication Support

  • 802.1x Authentication through Single ConnectTM


Session Manager Enhancements

  • Multilanguage support for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in RDP Proxy
  • IPv6 support for RDP, SSH/TELNET, SFTP connections
  • Dual Authentication for SSH/Telnet Proxy


Device Management Enhancements

  • Advanced Bulk Device Import from Single ConnectTM GUI
  • VRF support for RDP and VNC devices
  • RDP protocol support for auto device discovery feature


MFA Manager

  • MFA Support for VPN services


Multi Language 

  • Korean language support


Bug Fixes