Network Configuration & Change Management
Virtual Network Configuration Automation

Given the increasing complexity multi-vendor, fragmented and changing network infrastructure, enterprises are finding it more and more difficult to manage and automate their daily network operations.

Service Activation and Automation is essential for extensive networks; Krontech simplifies the process of automating and managing more intelligent next-generation networks with our Single Command Multi-vendor IP infrastructure automation and workflow management platform.

Single Command interoperates with over 400 different device types from all major vendors, offering more than 500 pre-defined workflows. Single Command provides complex dynamic GUI or Script based command builder capability and a reliable legacy to a virtualization roadmap.

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Case Studies

Network Operations Continuity

Privileged Access Management technology implemented to secure access to a large, complex data center and hybrid network.

Real Time Service Activation

Privileged Session Management proven to scale to support billions of access combinations on over 100 thousand active devices.

What Challenges Does Single Command Address?

Automation of repetitive and mundane IT tasks

Free up hours by automating routine, manual and time-consuming tasks.

Running error-free and valid network tasks

Avoid problems by automating simple tasks, reducing downtime typically caused by human error.

Reduce downtime and improve incident management processes

Improve operational efficiencies while reducing costs.

Minimize resource consumption and expensive night shifts

Use automated validation software to reduce the need for expensive overnight support.

Manage multivendor IP & Packet Core networks

Manage existing devices while provisioning new devices to the network in an automated fashion.

Optimize IT staff

Reduce reliance on highly skilled technical staff by automating tasks across multiple vendors.

Visualize business processes and workflows quickly

Benefit from comprehensive reporting providing visibility into the network including workflow.

Plan future network transformations

Simplify the gathering of network information when planning upgrades and technology transformation.

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