Börgehan Köksal

Board Member

Börgehan Köksal graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1996, and completed his master's degree in Business Administration at BGSU Ohio. Köksal is leading enterprise compliance efforts, designing and implementinginternal controls, policies and procedures to assure compliancewith applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations andthird party guidelines. Köksal is also a Supply Chain Specialist with Engineering background. Direct experience with electronics, mechanics and civilengineering. Interested in turn key projects providing efficient toolsfor minimum risk investments. Financial knowledge on both earlystage and operational costs of the projects with 10 years of contractmanagement experience. CRM activities in a global environmentwith experience on ERP systems. Recently involved with renewableenergy source projects such as solar, wind and hydroelectric energyincluding the power plants.

Börgehan Köksal continues his career at Netaş as Chief Compliance Officer as of 2020.