TACACS+ / RADIUS Access Management

Effective Control and Security

Secures direct access to network devices that support TACACS + and RADIUS protocols, controls and logs configuration changes.

How does it work?

Centrally manages user authentication and authorization for all access made for configuration changes to network devices that support TACACS + and RADIUS protocols.

What are the benefits?

Integrates with centralized verification systems such as Active Directory in organizations. It is the best tool with the highest capacity and superior performance among other players.

Distinctive features.

Control Direct Access to Network Devices

Offers AAA server solution for RADIUS and TACACS + protocols

Apply Segregation of Duties Principle

Prevents users from acquiring the rights they do not require and minimizes risks associated

Apply Security Policies Easily

Enables security policies to be applied easily on direct access to network devices

Work Smoothly with Different Types of Devices

Supports manufacturer specific AVP (Attribute Value Pair) definitions

Your Operational Efficiency Does Not Fall When Your Network is Growing

The industry's highest performance solution with up to 250,000 device support on a single server

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