Privileged Session Management

High Grade Access Security

Secures privileged users (IT and Network admins) access to critical systems. Tracks all user activities and provides VCR-like replays of sessions.

How does it work?

Provides one-click secure access to critical systems and requires no update on target systems

What are the benefits?

Prevents unsupervised access by inside actors, contractors or 3rd parties to critical systems.

Distinctive features.

Take Control

Ensure access to critical systems are only for legitimate business purposes.

Unified Visibility

Tracks and records all privileged sessions and configuration changes. Provides VCR-like replays of privileged sessions including IT and Network admin users

Apply Segregation of Duties Principles

Reduces risks by restricting authorizations assigned to business units and departments by granting access only to the systems that they are in charge of

Always Be Prepared for Attacks

Detects and prevents malicious attacks before they occur

Implement Your Security Policies Easily

Easily implement user and role-based security policies from a centralized point with no update on target systems

Control Access without any change on user behavior

Users continue to use applications on their computers as they are used to

Fully Comply with Regulations

Provides logs and reports required for audits and compliance with regulations

Fastest-to-Deploy Platform in the Market

Provides benefits in a very short period of time with its scalable and ready-to-install modular architecture

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