Multi-Factor Authentication

Improve Security Posture

Provides a second layer of authentication to ensure the person is really the one whom claims to be.

How does it work?

Users can only access by providing something they know (password) together with something they have personally (mobile phone, hard token).

What are the benefits?

Eliminate the risk of malicious users accesing to business critical systems with stolen identities.

Distinctive features.

Stolen Passwords Are No Longer Threats

Prevents unauthorized access to critical systems even if an employee's account is stolen

Weak Passwords Are No Longer a Threat

Strengthens the authentication process with one-time PIN code verification in addition to passwords

Full Visibility

Logs who accessed when, for what purpose and from where

Shared User Accounts Are No Longer a Threat

Eliminates password sharing among employees

Start Benefiting Now

Pre-integrated and ready to activate without any new installation or integration

Secure Remote Access

Enables geo-location verification and time window limitation to further secure remote access

Extend MFA features beyond PAM

Integrate MFA with 3rd party apps including VPN, e-mail, portal via open standards interface

Online/Offline Support

iOS and Androd app for smartphones, SMS and hard-token support for others

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