Database Masking

Smart Data Masking

Provides privileged users masked or fictional (but realistic) data records instead of actual sensitive data when accessing the database.

How does it work?

Positions between privileged users such as database administrators, data analysts, or application test engineers and databases allowing the transmission of masked or fictional data without changing the source data.

What are the benefits?

Provides the masking feature required for personal data protection and fully complies with regulations (such as KVKK and GDPR).

Distinctive features.

Mask Your Sensitive & Confidential Data

Different masking methods instantly mask the data without changing the actual data

Apply Your Security Policies Easily

Implements database security policies based on user and role

Full Compliance with Regulations

Full compliance with protection of personal data and other regulations (such as KVKK and GDPR)

Take Control Without Changing User Work Flows

Users continue to use applications on their computers as they are used to

Work with Different Databases

Supports most commonly used SQL, NoSQL database systems

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