Meet the Single Connect Team at Gartner’s IAM Summit in Las Vegas, 3-5 December

We’re proud to sponsor Gartner’s annual Identity Access Management Summit again this year, and invite you to schedule a time to meet with us to exchange ideas about securing enterprise and service provider networks on an entirely new level.

Single ConnectTM, the fastest to deploy PAM solution available in the market, secures privileged accounts, tracks, monitors and controls all activities of privileged account sessions. Single Connect helps businesses to:
• Log and video-record all privileged activities in IT and network infrastructure including databases, servers, applications and appliances
• Track privileged sessions in real-time, preventing attacks before they occur
• Enforce and customize policy and grant least privilege to decrease the risk profile
• Mask sensitive data in real-time
• Randomize and securely store all passwords in a vault and eliminate password sharing among users
• Apply Multi-Factor-Authentication as a second layer to user authentication, heightening security even if passwords are stolen
• Protect assets in cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Azure

In December 2016, Cisco announced it would no longer support ACS, which had been a de facto industry standard for device network authentication and administration.  Krontech has rolled out a full-featured, full-service alternative for Cisco’s Secure Access Control System (ACS).  Single ConnectTM’s Access Directory Manager module includes integrated TACACS and Radius servers to act as a federated ACS replacement against more than just your Cisco environment.  Krontech  will be showcasing these capabilities, as well as our innovative” and expanded Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Privileged Task Automation (PTA) solutions.

Our solutions are cloud-native and platform agnostic, and therefore more open, scalable and affordable in comparison to traditional approaches.

We will be demonstrating our must-see IT and network infrastructure security innovations.

Please message me at +1.415.312.8752 or email me at [email protected] to set up a time if you’re also heading to the event.