About the Krontech’s Partner Program

Krontech’s network security technologies and solutions bring a new level of access control management capabilities to enterprises worldwide. We support value-added resellers, distributors, systems integrators, technology companies and networking consultants with a full range of support. In addition to our digital training, marketing and sales enablement programs, we offer extremely competitive financial rewards with attractive commissions and bonuses.
Become a Partner

Partner Benefits

  • Add annual reoccurring revenue to your deal size.
  • Upgrade and/or protect your original sale by making it more integrated and secure.
  • Expand your network within your accounts and build new business relationships with additional key stakeholders.
  • Fast sales cycle – 60 to 120 days in most cases.
  • Ignite dormant accounts or win new clients with a new conversation that allows you to differentiate from competitors.
  • Krontech provides you with Subject Matter Experts that are there to demo, sell, objection-handle and close the deal with you!

Partner Types:

  • Value-added resellers
  • Distributors
  • Systems integrators
  • Technology companies
  • Networking consultants

Partner Categories:

Based on their performance, our Partners are classified in different categories to maximize their benefits.