Krontech partners with TUNIX Digital Security

Krontech (KRONT.IS), a leading Privileged Access Management solutions provider, is pleased to announce a new partnership with TUNIX Digital Security in the Netherlands, who have been providing a complete service package in the field of network and internet security for 25 years.

Krontech’s core offering is SingleConnect™, a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, used as an information security and governance tool to prevent internal and external data breaches and attacks using privileged accounts. SingleConnect™ enables IT managers and network admins to efficiently secure access, control configurations and indisputably record all activities in the data center or network infrastructure, in which any breach of privileged account access might have material impact on business continuity. With this exciting partnership, Krontech has taken another strong step in becoming a global name by joining forces with TUNIX to collaborate with enterprises and operators in the Dutch market.

From 1994 to 2018, TUNIX developed its own access security solution to implement the ISO270001 standard within its own organisation and to enable safe management of thousands of appliances. Since the beginning of 2019, TUNIX is the only Dutch company to have a distribution and resell agreement with Krontech. When setting up SingleConnect™, TUNIX will capitalize on their extensive experience in access management and therefore the clients will benefit from TUNIX’s more than 25 years of experience in the financial, healthcare, insurance and government sectors.

About Krontech

Krontech is a software company established in 2007 developing and integrating advanced technology software in the fields of primarily but not limited to Privileged Access Management. With cost-efficient, flexible, and tailored solutions, Krontech is a respected and proven partner, capable of supporting organizations of all sizes in different industries.  Having significant experience in protecting exceptionally large and complex infrastructures including many Tier-1 telecom service providers and large global enterprises. Krontech’s North American operations are headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with research and development facilities in Istanbul, and regional sales and support offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific.

About TUNIX Digital Security

For more than 25 years, TUNIX has been a full service partner in the field of Digital Security Services and takes care of the implementation and management of managed network security solutions and offer training and advice on network security. Thanks to this unique flexible formula and extensive knowledge, TUNIX is the security partner of many leading organizations in the financial, insurance, government and industrial sectors for more than 2 decades.