Kron Announces Jen Waltz as Vice President, Global Alternate Channels

Kron Announces Jen Waltz as Vice President, Global Alternate Channels

Jul 13, 2023 / Kron

Kron Technologies, a global leader in secure access management software and services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jen Waltz as Vice President, Global Alternate Channels.  In this role, Jen will oversee the strategic development and expansion of Kron Technologies alternate channels across the globe.

With a deep understanding of the technology landscape and proven track record in driving business growth, Jen brings a wealth of experience to Kron Technologies.  Her expertise in developing and executing successful channel strategies will be instrumental in strengthening Kron Technologies’ market presence.

As the Vice President of Global Alternate Channels, Jen will work closely with Kron Technologies’ Executive team to identify new partnership opportunities and establish mutually beneficial relationships with key channel partners.  Her responsibilities include leading the planning, implementation, and execution of channel strategies on a global basis, as well as driving revenue growth and market awareness through those alternate channels.

"Kron Technologies has developed a formidable global reputation in cybersecurity, securing access by privileged users to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches significantly. I am excited to join the organization to build on this foundation to strengthen our channel partnerships and alliances," said Waltz, Vice President of Global Alternate Channels.

Jen joins Kron Technologies with an impressive background in the technology industry, having held several leadership positions in global organizations, including Equinix, Unisys, and Microsoft.  She has a proven ability to foster innovation and collaboration while delivering exceptional results. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Jen Waltz to Kron Technologies as our Vice President, Global Alternate Channels.” said Michael J. Fritzlo, Executive Chairman at Kron Technologies US.  “Her extensive experience and proven track record in building successful channel partnerships will be instrumental in driving Kron Technologies revenue growth and expanding our reach into new markets.”

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