Everstream Selects Krontech for Advanced Privileged Access Management Solution

Everstream, a super-regional network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest, and Krontech, a leader in network access control systems, announced today they are offering the Single ConnectTM Privileged Access Management solution to replace existing TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access Control System) for backbone, corporate, and customer devices.

As part of a three-year agreement, the companies will sell and integrate Krontech’s state-of-the-art Privileged Access Management solution, with software that provides effective reporting, transparency, and control while simplifying daily operations, to Everstream’s expanding base of customers.

Krontech’s Single ConnectTM was created on a software platform that is purpose built for cloud-based, applications-driven networks. Designed to be an integral element of an operational platform, Single ConnectTM protects against both internal and external threats.

“It goes without saying that network security is critical and something that we take very seriously,” said Brett Lindsey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Everstream. “With Krontech’s solution, the Everstream network now has additional layers of protection as well as access to timely reporting tools and data.”

“We’re proud to have been selected by Everstream, whose commitment to delivering secure private networking, Internet access and data center solutions is clear,” said Osman Erkan, CEO of Krontech. “It’s been an honor to work with Everstream’s network operations team to implement a Privileged Access Management solution that helps simplify and reinforce privileged access account management in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way.”

Utilizing advanced operations session management technology, Single ConnectTM logs every session, as well as every keystroke, and verifies policy. Its preventive-based monitoring capability provides an additional level of access security, while enabling rigorous compliance.


About Everstream®

Everstream is a super-regional network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest. We focus on delivering best-in-class network solutions while providing an unrivaled commitment to customer service. With more than 10,000 miles of fiber across five states, and comprehensive data center connectivity at 100 Gigabit speed, we provide the fastest network in our service areas. Everstream’s network is capable of accommodating converged internet, voice and data services at speeds up to 100 Gbps. For more information, visit everstream.net.



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About Krontech

Krontech is a software company established in 2007 that produces and integrates advanced technology software in the fields of access control systems, network packet brokerage, streaming analytics, fast data and real-time data processing, and next-generation security and audit. With cost-efficient, flexible, and tailored solutions, Krontech is a respected and proven partner, supporting many Tier-1 telecom service providers and large global enterprises. Krontech’s North American operations are headquartered in New York City, with research and development facilities in Istanbul, and regional sales and support offices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Please visit https://krontech.com.



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